Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014 Feis Syllabus

Sorry for delay in posting this! Here is the 2014 New England Autumn Feis Syllabus.

2014 Syllabus Here

Only 33 days to the feis… hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The feis is open for entries!

Hello again!

The New England Autumn Feis is now official open for entries. Please visit Quick Feis


It is a great site and very easy to use. We hope you will join us on Sunday Sept 21 in Pembroke for another great feis!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2014 New England Autumn Feis will be open soon!

Hello all!!

Summer is coming to a close which means…. it's time to plan for the New England Autumn Feis 2014!

This years feis will be held on Sunday, September 21 at Pembroke High & Hobomock Elementary School. We have a fabulous crew of adjudicators and musicians joining us this year. Our syllabus features Championship Traditional Set competitions and a Charity 2-Hand to benefit New England PANS/PANDAS Association. We will again offer 3 rounds for Championships, music competitions and medal rounds in both prelim & open

IMPORTANT NEWS THIS YEAR: Entries & tabulation will be done by QuickFeis. Check out their site www.quickfeis.com ….. Our feis will be open to entries there ANY day now so feel free to login and setup your FREE QuickFeis account.

2014 NE Autumn Feis Musicians:
Sean O'Brien, England
Mike Shaffer, Ohio
Ryan Duns, Massachusetts

2014 NE Autumn Feis Adjudicators:
Barbara Blakey, Canada
Sheila Cloherty Laskey, MA
Maureen Collins, NY
Maura Gray, CT
Iris Gray Sharnick, PA
John Jennings, NJ
Kerry Kelly Oster, NY
Marcus Maloney, Ireland
Stella Moore, England
Jennifer Nagle McGovern, NJ
Colleen Schroeder, PA
Julie Showalter, IL
Myra Watters, FL

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 Feis schedule available

Please >click here< for the 2013 New England Autumn Feis schedule. This is a 2-page document with the updated 2013 venue map on the 2nd page. We are at the same venue as last year. 

We hope you are looking forward to the feis! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the schedule. We've triple checked it but there's probably still some small detail missing... thanks for your patience.

Fingers crossed the weather is nice this year for those walking across the street to the Elementary School stage. If not, we will do everything we can to make things easier for you. Vendors and Champ Awards may also be outdoors if nice. 

2-Hand Special #999 will take place at 12:30pm in Gym, please check in at least 10 minutes prior. Competition will be split into 4 competitions, entries will dance 1 team at a time.  Each competitor will receive a thank you gift and awards will be given in each split for the top 3 teams only. Thanks for your donations to Northeast PANS/ P.A.N.D.A.S. Network. Please visit their info table near Gym! 

Music competitions #850-885 will be held open from 10am-2pm and will be judged by Cara Frankowicz.  Musicians should go to the MUSIC COMPETITION ROOM in the HIGH SCHOOL ATRIUM, level 4. Sign in and compete anytime between 10-2.  Awards will be posted with the grade awards and detailed marks/comments are available at no additional cost. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Feis entries close today!

Feis day is almost here! We are very excited and busy getting ready for the feis. It is going to be a great day with so many things going on. Our cap is 900 and we are almost there as of this morning, so if you are still planning to enter but haven't done it yet, it's time to hurry up and login to www.feisweb.com to get your entry in.

We have a draft schedule ready and will publish the final schedule late Tuesday or early Weds. We just need to wait for final numbers. The schedule will follow a similar template to the 2012 feis, with all Prelims completed by 10:30am, Beginners 11-12, Adv Beginners 1-3pm, Novice 10:30-2, PW 1:45-4, and Open Champs running all day on two stages.

We have an updated vendor list - many of the vendors you always count on seeing plus a few other new ones. We are also having Kyle Rowe Photography, who will be available for portraits and will also be taking event photos during the day. Please stop by their booth next to the Auditorium if you're interested in more info.

Our used dress room will be staffed 8:30am-3pm and FREE of charge. It will be in same location as last year, lower level of the atrium. Several vendors are in this area, as well as the grades awards, so your dress will have good visibility. You can download the form here. Please be sure to pick up your dress by 3pm.

Vendor List
Head for the World
Mary Devlin (Fay's Shoes)
"R"Shoes (Rutherford)
Feis Fayre
Dippin Dots
Kyle Rowe Photography

We will also have a bake sale, a few small auction items, and delicious food prepared by our committee. We are truly looking forward to hosting this years feis, see you soon!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hotel Info

We have secured a hotel rate for the New England Autumn Feis. Dance families can contact the Rockland Holiday Inn and reference our block "Irish Dancing Competition" to receive the feis rate of $149. There are several other hotels in the area if you prefer to book through other hotel website. 

Rockalnd Holiday Inn 
929 Hingham St, Rockland MA 
(781) 871-0545 

Also, we have updated our judges list; Maureen Greene O'Leary, MA will be replacing
Terry Gillan, CT for the 2013 NE Autumn Feis. 

Don't forget to enter the 2-hand Special Charity Competition. 
Dancers can created their own 2-hand reel, 48 bars in length, and compete with friends or
siblings of any age or dancing school. Traditional costume required. 

See you at the feis! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New England Autumn Feis 2013 Syllabus is here!

Hello all!! Believe it or not , it is time to get ready for the fall feis season. We hope you are planning on kicking off the fall season with New England Autumn Feis, our 3rd annual, which will be held on Sunday Sept 22, 2013 in Pembroke, MA. 

We have a fabulous list of overseas, local and out of region judges plus a few new "special" competitions for 2013. Unfortunately we are NOT going to hold 8-hand ceili competitions this year. We will again have THREE ROUNDS for Open Champs, music competitions, great awards, medal rounds for Prelim & Open, tabulation by Feisweb, and with any luck great weather this year :) Please read below for more details....  Entries are now open on feisweb!!! 
>Full syllabus here<


Brendan Brady, MA 
Sheila Cloherty, MA 
Anthony Costello, Ireland 
Katie Darlington, CA 
Allison Erickson, OH 
Sean Flynn, NY 
Terry Gillan, CT 
Rose Kenny, England 
Debbie Lynch-Webber, NY 
Heather McClanahan, OH 
Moira McMahon, NY 
Breda O’Brien, MA
Philip Owens, CT 
Ryan Duns, MA
Michael Fitzpatrick, MA
Mike Shaffer, OH
Owen Shaffer, OH

New Events for the 2013 feis: 
2-Hand Special ($9 each) #999Enter with your classmates, feis friends, sibling or child/parent! Dancers will perform 48 bars to reel, of OWN a. Traditional costumes only. Feel free to get creative!! Dancers will all receive a small gift for entering this charity comp. 

Entry fees for this competition will go to the Northeast PANS/PANDAS Association, a group of parent volunteers from various states across the Northeast focused on raising awareness of  Pediatric Auto-Immune Neuro-Psychotic Disorder associated with Streptococcus. Their goal is to support the medical community in it's mission to help children suffering from PANS/PANDAS and create opportunities to help families looking for solutionshttp://www.nepandasparents.com  

Champ Trad Set Special $10 each - Open to Prelim or Open Champs, will dance choice of trad set, 3 at a time.  All Traditional Sets Speeds: St Patrick’s Day (94), Garden of Daisies (138), Blackbird (140), King of the Fairies (124), Job of Journeywork (138), Jockey to the Fair (92). Results to be awarded immediately following.